Idol Tan Review – A Biased Review On Why You Will Love Idol Tan

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Idol_Tan__65934_stdThe following is a completely biased Idol Tan review.  We make no secret about it…Idol Tan is our favorite sunless tanning lotion…and in our opinion the best self tanning lotion on the market today.

After testing many indoor tanning lotions Idol Tan has consistently beaten all of the competition.  Here are the results of our independent case study:

A Brief Bio About Our Idol Tan Tester…

Catherine Jenkins is a busy working-class woman, wife and a devoted mother of three.  Like most women she doesn’t have the time or the extra money to spend on expensive indoor tanning memberships.  And with a career, three kids and a husband to look out for, she certainly doesn’t have the time to spend hours laying out in the sun.

However, Catherine has always desired to have a great tan even though her family heritage (Irish) and family history of skin cancer wasn’t conducive to either indoor or outdoor tanning.  Pale white skin and sun don’t mix.  Painful sunburning was always the result of just 20 minutes in the sun.

Her only option for getting an amazing tan are self-tanning lotions.  When these hit the market it seemed like a great solution.  Catherine quickly realized that finding one that worked was easier said than done!

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Problems With Most Self Tanning Lotions

The number one problem with most self tanning lotions is that they don’t provide the look of a natural tan.  Some are much too dark.  Some take hours to fully develop.  And worse yet, the majority leave your skin with an “orange” looking tan…Arrrrg!

The second problem is that most of the more inexpensive self tanning lotions are difficult to apply evenly.  Most leave you with streaks.  Leaving darker color on your knees, elbows, ankles, fingers and toes.  The result is a dreadful looking tan that even a three year old can see came from a bottle!

The third problem is the smell!  Nearly all self tanning lotions have a an undeniable smell about them that is very strong and noticeable.  Catherine is very sensitive to most strong “flowery” scents and can’t tolerate the majority of self tanning lotions without getting severe headaches.

The fourth problem with most lotions is that they simply don’t last for any great length of time.  If you can manage to get a bottle tan that last for more than a couple of days then consider yourself lucky.  So in order to maintain the “unnatural” tan, you’re going to find yourself reapplying it every couple of days.  Remember the odor problem mentioned above?  Well, you’re going to have to deal with it nearly every day.

Finding a Self-Tanner that works for you can be expensive!  When you factor in all the different lotions that you’ll have to try to find just the right one, then the cost of each $10 bottle can add up over time.   And in the end you might still be left with a pale complexion…and smell bad too 🙂

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Catherine Jenkins Idol Tan Real Review

(North Carolina, USA) – Well, let me start out by saying that I am a fair skinned girl (as in Casper the friendly ghost) that never gets tan, no matter what. I always burn, and I hate looking pasty in the summer time. Although I was intrigued by self tanners, I’ve never used a self tanner before because I was scared to turn orange.  I think we all have seen other people whose whole body is orange…even the palms of their hands.  This was not a good look for me and besides…it’s jJust too embarrassing for me.


Eventually, my curiosity got the best of me and I did a lot of research on the best self tanning lotions.  To my surprise, I never knew how or why they worked.

For people that don’t know how these latest generations of sunless tanners work, they are NOT dyes. These do NOT color your skin. They have a chemical which causes the dead skin on your body to react and brown. It’s the same process that happens when you cut up an apple and leave it out (the “Maillard reaction”). It will brown in the same way your skin will with this lotion. Your live skin cells will not be affected.

As a result of this:

1) it’s important to moisturize your wrists and elbows before applying the cream because they are full of dead skin.
2) the tan will go away as your dead skin naturally falls off so you need to re-apply often (once or twice a week)
3) your clothes and bed sheets will not stain because this is not a stain or dye, it’s a cream that reacts with dead skin

Anyway…on to my review of Idol Tan

After hours upon hours of research I narrowed my selection to Idol Tan.  After reading all of the positive reviews, I had to try it.

I have to admit that my first impressions were good and here are some things that I really like about the Idol Tan Sunless Tanning product:

1.  Firstly, the shipping of the package is extremely fast and also it was super easy to order the Idol Tan on-line. The website is user friendly and in contrast to some websites with ridiculous statements, inside the Idol Tan website it is easy to understand exactly what you’re going to get, how much it’ll cost and just how the Idol Tan Sunless Tanning works.

2.  Something else that I really like and is very important in my opinion is that Idol Tan is all-natural solution and also completely safe to use and in contrast to similar tanning products on the net you can find and read about all the ingredients of the Idol Tan Sunless Tanning product on their website, they just don’t hide anything from their users.

3.  The last thing that I really like about the Idol Tan Sunless Tanning until now is that it comes with complete money back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with it, it is possible to mail it back and receive a full refund. From my experience many companies online don’t give you any guarantee at all, so this is with no doubt a big advantage.

4.  Color: dark, realistic. Scent: Mild, you can barely smell anything. Lasting 6-7 days. Fade: in patches 🙁 You must scrub and reapply. The lotion dries almost instantly so it doesn’t take a half-day just to fake a bake. I’ve used it – lightly – on my face with no bad reactions.

5.  I was worried that the color on this would look unnatural or too orange, but it doesn’t at all. It’s a very natural glow.

I’ve been using this for a couple of months now, and wanted  to say how much I love it. I’ve actually had people compliment me on how nice my “tan” is, which has never happened to me before.

How To Achieve The Perfect Tan Using Idol Tanmuscles

(Note: This suggested process seems long, but it is not, it is just very detailed to ensure the process goes quicker. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fake tanning in a jiffy.)

You will need:

  • A pair of gloves, POWDER FREE or your tan lotion will turn to globs and streak on your skin. Try Safetouch Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves, Non-Sterile, Medium for example.
  •  A sturdy back cleaner to exfoliate. Note: If you have sensitive skin, it may be best you use sugar or salt scrubs, but my skin is not sensitive, and I’ve found that a product like AquaBella Long Handle Bath Brush (Medium-Soft)Colors may vary works MUCH better to exfoliate and smooth your skin for the fake tanning ritual.
  • Idol Tan Tanning lotion.
  • REGULAR lotion.

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Step 1: SHOWER – Use the exfoliate of your choice (I suggest the back brush cleaner) and with mild soap, work the exfoliate in CIRCULAR motions around your entire body. Pay special attention to dry patches, like elbows, knees, ankles, toes, etc. If you’re tanning your face, gently exfoliate that too with a wash cloth or face-specific exfoliate.

Step 2: DRY – Step out of the shower, and blot dry your body. Wait around a few minutes to ensure you dry completely, and open your bathroom door to allow all the moisture in the air to leave. If you apply tanning lotion in a moist, wet bathroom, you will get streaky results.

Step 3: PREP – Take any REGULAR lotion (do not touch your tanning lotion yet!) and use whatever is necessary to moisturize your dry patches: elbows, knees, ankles, toes, etc.

– A. Why is this step so important? Your skin is thicker at your elbows and knees, and therefore absorbs MUCH more tanning lotion. You apply REGULAR lotion because they will moisturize your thicker skin, and prevent too much tanning lotion from absorbing. I think every self tanner has made this horrible mistake at least once. It sucks to be happy with your fake tan…. but you have DARK ORANGE elbows and knees.

– B. If you are going to use the tanning lotion on your face, moisturize your face as well with your typical face moisturizer, paying special attention to the delicate skin around your eyes. Your face will also absorb MUCH more tanning lotion, and your regular lotion will help prevent any embarrassing patches or streaks.

Step 4: APPLY – Now that you’re completely dry, and your rough patches are moisturized, put on your powder-free gloves and get to work. I like to work from bottom up, with my arms and wrists done very last.

– A. Why do your arms last? Because applying tanning lotion to your body requires you to get in awkward angles. I’ve found my yoga classes really paid off when I apply the lotion to my back. This causes your arms to be occasionally streaked with the lotion because it brushes up against body parts. Doing your arms last ensures you can rub in the uneven application of tanning lotion.

– B. Use SMALL amounts of tanning lotion at a time. For example, take a dime-to-quarter sized amount for ONE calf. Rub that lotion in the broader areas of your calf BEFORE spreading the leftover lotion to your ankles, feet, and between your toes. The residue lotion on your gloves is more than enough to cover the tricky small areas. Now, start on the next calf, then your thigh, then the next thigh, etc.

– C. Now that you’ve rubbed in the lotion, you’re ALMOST done. What are you going to do about your hands and wrists that have been covered by the gloves? Grab some paper towels/toilet paper. Remove and discard the gloves. Wrap some of the paper around the tanning bottle to ensure you don’t get any on your finger tips. Fold the rest of the paper into a sturdy square (or use cotton balls). Pour the tanning lotion on to the square/cotton ball and rub the lotion into your wrists, the back of your hands, and LIGHTLY in between your fingers.

VOILÀ! Be sure to romp around your home naked for 15-20 minutes. If this is too much for your significant other to handle without touching your skin and compromising all your hard work, KICK THEM OUT! Tell them you’ll play when you’re done and dry. At the end of the 15-20 minutes, you can put on clothes (or not, its your rodeo), and continue your day as normal. Within 8 hours, a perfectly even tan will emerge.

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Disadvantages of Idol Tan

No product is perfect and neither is Idol Tan.  So we decided to include some of the things that we didn’t like so you can make your own informed decision.

1.  Idol Tan is Somewhat Expensive. There are plenty of inferior self tanning lotions on the market that are higher priced…search Amazon Here and see for yourself.  The basic one month supply (1 tube) is currently selling for $29.99.  The cost per tube is significantly reduced if you order more than one tube.  For example you could easily order and pay for 3 tubes and pay $89.99 plus you’ll receive 3 additional tubes for free.  Thus reducing your cost to just about $15 per tube.  This is only slightly higher than the big box store brands.  You know, price is one thing but the value that you get from getting an amazing tan that lasts 2-3 days longer than cheaper brands means a lot.


2.  Not as Easy as It Seems.  Idol Tan will definitely not meet your high expectations if you don’t do the things necessary before, during and after applying it.  Although, we are somewhat lazy (yea, we’re men) and are quite happy with our results of simply slapping on a handful of lotion and wiping it all over our bodies, Catherine illustrated the detailed care that she uses to apply and maintain a healthy tan.  The bottom line is that if you take the time and follow Catherine’s instructions, you too will have the vibrant tan that you desire.

3.  Not Completely Odor Free.  As we’ve made clear throughout this review, odor of an indoor tanning lotion is extremely important to us.  The stronger the odor the less we like it…no matter how deep the tan is or how long it lasts.  With this being said, Idol Tan does have a mild odor that may pose problems for some people.  However, the mild odor that we experienced was not overbearing and only lasts a few hours.  The ultimate test came from my wife (who just happens to have a greater sensitivity to flowery odors than I do).  We’re not going to lie…she did notice the odor but it wasn’t overbearing to her at all.  At least she could tolerate it for a few hours while on a drive to the city.

4.  Limited Availability.  To protect the integrity of their product and reduce competition in the market, Idol Tan is only being sold online through the manufacturer’s website.  We found a few  bottles on Amazon from a couple of suppliers.  When we looked into this, Idol Tan informed us that those suppliers are in violation of their Terms and Conditions and will be informed to remove them immediately.

Idol Tan Review Conclusion

Idol Tan is the perfect solution for all of us “fair-skinned”, casper-like (Catherine’s words…not ours!) who hate spending valuable time, energy and money on other expensive tanning solutions.  The all natural ingredients found in Idol Tan are completely safe and effective in helping you shed the “Casper Look”.  All without having to endure dangerous over exposure to the sun.

Happy Tanning!

If you found this review useful, please let others know by leaving a comment below.  Fill out the Comment form below if you want to add your comments and opinions!

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